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If someone did sumthing speacial everytime, Does he is ur truth ???
Saturday, January 8, 2011 | 6:21 AM | 0 cutest
dear Blogger ,
How can u trust people if u dont know him ???
i know sumone, i love sumone, i like sumone, does that person know u, love u, like u.??
It's all about what we should know how desperate u are ???
one of us really feel so desperate to have a lover, but everytime he look for, always be the third person in the sweet couple. Very annoying also be ruding to another couple that really expose of happiness . Now all was ended by sadness and .........
Just u know what the missing word is . So change the behavior is really completely ur new life such as what i did know , and now all being normalista and being ended by happiness of colours and life . Thank you .

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